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Welcome to Lekotek

The word "Lekotek" comes from the Swedish word "lek," meaning play, and the Greek suffix
"tek" meaning library. Lekotek is based on a Scandinavian model of early intervention and special education. Loosely translated, Lekotek means play library, but to the hundreds of families we help, it is much more.  Using adapted toys and computer equipment, Lekotek provides opportunities for kids to have fun and learn along the way.  It is a safe haven from medical appointments and therapies. It is a place where there are no expectations to perform, a place where parents find resources and support.
Our Mission:
To facilitate the inclusion of children with disabilities into their families, schools and communities by providing accessible play, adapted toys, technology, information and resources. Our vision is a world where children with disabilities are included and empowered through play.

Impacts and How Lekotek Makes a Difference:
• Encourages development through exploration and discovery.
• Helps children and families play and learn together.
• Provides failure-free learning and builds a child's self esteem.
• Staff members demonstrate new and creative ways to make play successful and interactive.
• Loans adapted and traditional toys for families to use at home.
• Provides individualized support and resources to all family members to strengthen families
• Helps children and families participate in community events and feel less isolated.

Lekotek is proud of the support we receive from the
Atlanta community as well as from corporations and
foundations throughout the United States. 
Enter the world of Lekotek and see what we're
all about! (No referrals are needed.)