Training and Assessment

Lekotek leader and child play

Training Course

Lekotek conducts a 2-day training course to teachers, therapists and high school students prior to the start of camp. During training, volunteers work with iPads, diverse applications, computer hardware, adapted input devices, and software for all ages. In addition, Lekotek staff present valuable information on communication, positioning and behavior management techniques. Strong emphasis is placed on using the computer within a "play" environment. Volunteers become "experts" in the use of iPad and computer technology.

teachers learned to adapt a toy

Technology and Toy Adapting Workshops

Lekotek works closely with public and private schools, therapy and parent support groups to share information on technology and toy adaptation. Workshops can be scheduled upon request. Contact the Lekotek office at 404-633-3430 if you are interested in a half day, full day or multiple day training course specifically designed to meet your needs.

girl uses eyegaze to access computer

Individual Computer/iPad Evaluations

Lekotek Leaders assess the child's ability to use computer software and input devices as well as the iPad with diverse applications. A written report with the evaluator's assessment is provided to the family following each evaluation.