Inclusion Project

child and cheerleaders at football game

Most teachers see great benefits for all students in having a child with disabilities in their class. But ongoing support is vital if the child and teacher are to be successful. Lekotek's inclusion project works with public and private schools to include children with special needs in typical preschool and elementary school classes.

Lekotek of Georgia's staff provides training for regular classroom teachers. Suggestions are made on how to modify both the physical classroom set-up and work requirements for the student. Parents and teachers who have completed evaluation forms have been extremely positive about this project. Teachers are grateful for the support provided by Lekotek staff members. One parent wrote, "Lekotek's great support this year made us feel like we won the lottery." Inclusion makes all of us winners.

Finally, to promote inclusion and disability awareness, Lekotek staff frequently demonstrate adapted toys and computer equipment at schools. During Disability Week in Georgia, Lekotek leaders visit elementary schools in several counties. Students without disabilities use adapted toys and computers with switch adapted trackballs to understand how learning and play are made accessible to children with special needs.